About the Truth Guru

Lazaro Angelus Lanza, the Truth Guru, was blessed with the divine opportunity to move slowly toward Truth on every level as he suffered incalculably on every level from almost from the moment he was born. The blessings of suffering were turned into blessings of learning by the Grace of God. Lazaro Angelus Lanza was on the precipice of physical death inundated with nearly every conceivable bodily symptomatology, he grew up in utter dysfunctionality; he suffered from almost every conceivable mental and emotional disorder, and he went through every conceivable phase of spiritual pain and growth leading eventually to metaphysical Truth.

Lazaro Angelus Lanza previously created A Course In Life by and through inner spiritual guidance, and that mission has evolved into Project in Truth. Lazaro Angelus Lanza is an attorney who left the practice of law to follow the voice of Truth; his aim is now to teach the truth he learned through his trials and tribulations so that others may benefit from his insight. With 12 though-provoking, life-changing modules, Program in Truth can help you find your way to total mental, physical, and emotional health. There are also tons of videos and other content to aid you on your personal journey towards the Truth.

Lazaro Angelus Lanza is always available to hire for individual counseling, group classes, and other speaking engagements on topics presented in Program in Truth and more! Also the creator of TheBadAss Truth, author of “Street Fight Law & Lady Justice Ain’t No Lady,” and a professional drummer, LAL enjoys spending his free time hanging out with his dog, going sport-shooting, and sipping some top-shelf tequila. Contact the Truth Guru today to see what he can do for you!